Native American Herbalism Apothecary Book by Minerva Akashik

Native American Herbalism Apothecary Book by Minerva Akashik

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More than 15000 plant species constitute the North American flora and almost 3000 plants continue to be used today for medicinal purposes by various Native American Shamans. The purpose of this A to Z guide is to bring back to you their medicinal wisdom and profound knowledge of herbal remedies.

Let me explain deeply...

Your suffering may be soothed by an antacid or aspirin, but the origin of the discomfort may not be relieved. Headaches, fatigue, indigestion, allergies, eczema, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, among other symptoms, are indications of a greater problem in the body, and it is a crucial move in maintaining optimal health to learn to interpret such indications.  Including herbal medicines and other natural therapies, this smart guide teaches you how to interpret the signs of your body and encourage your own health. 

Your customers will find:

·       The traditional and modern uses of 50+ North American plants

·       100+ tried, tested and proven ways to use herbal remedies in daily life

·       7 Secret Herbal Remedies of the Sacred Native Shamans 

·       How to heal common ailments like Acne, Allergies, Back Pain, Sinusitis...

·       How to grow and care for your very own medicinal herbs and become a skillet herbalist

With this handy encyclopedia on your shelf, a rich heritage of herbal craftsmanship and herbal tradition is at your fingertips.Though this knowledge you will able to become a considerate, respectful, and skilled herbalist.