Altar Bells

Every time a bell rings, it indicates a change in the fabric of the universe. Chimes twinkling outside a witches home tells them of shifting wind fronts and the possibility of a storm. The other wise silent cat who wears a bell around his neck reveals his presence with a tiny jingle.

Bells don't only point out physical changes, The sound also marks an energetic change as well. Theres something about the simple chime of a bell that transforms the energy in a space.

Here are some of the ways bells can be used in your practice and daily life.

To Protect your home
Bells can guard doors in your home, you can also enchant bells to be protectors or to bring cheer every time they ring.

Sealing Magic In
After spell work or magic, theres a feeling of completion when ringing a bell to signify your work is done. It shifts the energy from "Working" or "Nearly done" to "Complete." for this reason we highly recommend sealing your spell work with the ringing of a bell.

Invoke Spirits
The ringing of a bell can invoke a spirit ally. Bells have also been used to call the spirits at each of the elemental quarters. Spirits of the dead have also been associated with bells in the form of funeral bells, which is a longheld tradition

Banish Spirits
On Samhain, people rang bells to banish evil spirits. The sound of bells are thought to banish bad spirit because they can't be a near the beautiful sound. The is why bells are sometimes called "Devil Drivers."


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