5 Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

5 Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

Crystals for Anxiety & Stress

There are so many factors that play into stress & anxiety in our lives and in the recent years more factors than ever before. It wouldn't be uncommon to hear that your neighbour or many of your friends and family are suffering with stress and anxiety. Or this may be an altogether new feeling for you following lockdowns over the past few years and quite frankly, it can be debilitating!

More and more we are looking for natural ways to heal and it's not surprising that the wellness industry has been increasing in popularity over the past 10-20 years and we are seeing people from all walks of life looking into crystal healing and that is EXCITING!

Everything in this world is energy, you can feel that in the gravity that keeps us firmly planted on the earth and the electricity we use to light and modernise our homes and in the air when there is a thunderstorm. When you hear that quartz is used in various electronics, it should come as no surprise that crystals too contain an energy field.

These energy fields are what make us feel certain ways when holding or wearing a crystal and so a crystal with a comforting vibration / energy field will make us feel calm whilst a high vibration crystal can make us feel motivated and uplifted. Science is not simple and neither are the thousands of crystals available out there.

So what crystals do we recommend for anxiety and stress?


Our Five Healing Crystals for Anxiety & Stress Are;


Prehnite is a stone of protection from fear, worry and anxiety as it gives the wearer a sense of deep relaxation and whole body serenity.

If you're a healer, Prehnite is also great for empaths and energy healers who need a protective barrier to protect their own energy. It can also help stop nightmares, phobias and deep fears which lead to stress.

And if the weather has been getting you down, Prehnite calms the environment and brings peace and protection.  It teaches how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces.

Image: Australian Prehnite Tumbles - Click to view


For anyone under a great deal of stress from trauma, this stone is for you. It nurtures the wearer through dark times whilst helping to navigate through the healing process.

Great for intense mood swings, emotional instability, or overwhelming moments of anxiety and depression. Lepidolite contains lithium which is often used in medications to treat mood imbalances.

It is often referred to as “the stone of transition” as it assists in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviours that are no longer serving you while encouraging the ushering in of change-inducing practices. Use this stone to break harmful psychological patterns and forms new and uplifting ones.

Image: Lepidolite Mini Spheres - Click to view

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a blue crystal related to wisdom, truth, self-confidence, and truthful communication. It’s associated with opening the third eye chakra, which enables people to focus and see the big picture. In addition, it helps to calm the mind and release negative thoughts while promoting positive thinking and peace. 

This healing crystal was often found in ancient Egyptian tombs, which indicates its great value. It is commonly referred to as the “Stone of Truth” because it can help to clear away emotional blockages and open up the channels of communication.

Image: Lapis Lazuli Tumbles - Click here to view


 Known as the cooling stone, Amazonite is incredibly calming especially to those of us who can be a little hot headed or quick to react. Amazonite reminds us to slow down, process our emotions and act rationally which makes it perfect for combatting irrational thoughts that can cause anxiety and fear based decisions.

Amazonite can help cleanse your aura of smog caused by electronic devices which in turn cause us stress on the daily, particularly if they are not doing what we want them to do! So if you're on devices all day, this stone is probably a great addition for you.

Image: Amazonite Chip Bracelet - Click to view 


And of course, we must include Amethyst!

Amethyst’s calming energy can give you peaceful and relaxing energy, working to clear away chaotic or anxiety ridden thoughts. It serves as a reminder to look at the bigger picture and get in touch with our third eye and higher selves rather than allowing ourselves to be caught up in the small things.

Use Amethyst to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and releasing addictive behaviours as well as cleanse other crystals! A powerful reset of intense energy.

Image: Amethyst High Grade Points - Click to view


Which Stone Will You Try To Reduce Your Anxiety or Stress?

Wearing or carrying crystals are a great way to help you relax and can be used on their own or with other remedies. Hopefully our guide of healing crystals for stress and anxiety has helped you find your new companion stone.

There are many varieties that can help, so experiment with a few different types and find the ones that work best for you. Then, be sure to keep them close by and use them whenever needed as your intuition guides you.


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