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Horse Hide & Kangaroo Fur Shamanic Rattle


Handcrafted and channeled Medicine Rattle by Gypsy Artemis from Sacred Hunger
Made from ethically sourced rare Horse Hide and Snake Skin with an Echidnea Quill
Sustainable and environmentally friendly timber

This is a very rare opportunity to get your hands on horse medicine. You will be hard pressed to find anything like this again!

Crafted by the skilled Gypsy Artemis from genuine and ethically sourced animal medicine that possesses a deep connection to the spirit of the animals, evoking their powerful and transformative energy. A unique and extraordinary tool that bridges the gap between the earthly realm and the spirit world.

Gypsy infuses her creations with reverence, ensuring that the essence of the animal is respected and honored in the making of these sacred instruments. When you play this rattle, you're not just producing sound; you're inviting the spirit of the animal into your rhythm, fostering a deep sense of connection to the natural world.

The Spirit Within: Our Handmade Medicine Rattle is not just an exquisite work of art; it is a vessel that encapsulates the essence and spirit of the horse. Gypsy Artemis's intuitive craftsmanship imbues every rattle with the sacred energy of the horse, providing you with a direct conduit to the wisdom and power of this magnificent creature. As you hold the rattle in your hands, you can feel the resonance of the horse's spirit coursing through you, connecting you to a deeper understanding of the natural world.

The Medicine It Provides: This remarkable rattle is more than just a tool; it is a source of potent medicine. The horse symbolises freedom, strength, and endurance, and its spirit within the rattle imparts these qualities to those who wield it. The rattle's healing vibrations can aid in meditation, energy work, and shamanic journeys, facilitating spiritual growth and self-discovery. Its soothing sound and the horse's energy can provide a calming and grounding effect, making it an excellent companion for stress relief and emotional healing.

Kangaroo represents agility and forward movement, offering energy for leaps of progress and balance in life. 

Echidna embodies resilience and introspection, inspiring adaptability and the power to unearth hidden wisdom.

How to Use: 

  1. Meditation and Grounding: Incorporate the rattle into your meditation practice to ground yourself and enhance your focus.

  2. Shamanic Journeys: Use the rattle to assist in your shamanic journeys, helping you connect with spirit guides and gain insights from the otherworldly realms.

  3. Healing Rituals: Employ the rattle during energy healing sessions to clear stagnant energies and promote balance and harmony particularly at the end of a session.

  4. Ceremonial Purposes: This rattle is an ideal companion for rituals and ceremonies, providing a sacred sound that resonates with the horse's, kangaroo and echidnea spirits.

  5. Sound Therapy: Enjoy the calming and soothing sound of the rattle, which can alleviate stress and promote relaxation.


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Horse Hide & Kangaroo Fur Shamanic Rattle


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